The City of Niagara Falls will help applicants pay their student loans. In return, applicants will reside in a targeted neighborhood in Niagara Falls for two years. This is a reimbursement program. The City of Niagara Falls will reimburse the applicant for his annual student loan payment amount, up to but not exceeding, $3,492 a year and up to $6,984 during the full two-year term of the agreement. This reimbursement will be made directly to the applicant during his annual certification with the City. The applicant will be required to show proof of good standing with the loaning agency, and proof of good standing with either his landlord or mortgage agency. In turn, the applicant is required to maintain residency, in compliance with program standards, in the target area for the two year term of the agreement.

Eligible Applicants: Individuals who have:
-Graduated from an accredited institute for higher education with a two-year technical degree within 24 months of application.
-Graduated from an accredited institute for higher education with a bachelor’s degree (or greater) within 36 months of application.
-Are enrolled in an accredited institute for higher education to pursue a post-graduate degree at the time of application.

Target Area: Downtown Niagara Falls neighborhood made up of a commercial district with mixed-use apartment buildings, single family homes, multi-unit homes, and the Park Place Historic District. The target area is within walking distance to Niagara Falls State Park and the Niagara Gorge. 
Interested? Applications must be submitted to Niagara Falls Community Development.
​Click here to download the LiveNF Residential Incentive APPLICATION.
If you own rental units in the target area and are interested in participating in LiveNF, click here to downtown the Downtown Rental Registry APPLICATION.
First Time Home-buyer Assistance  
Home Investment Partnership Program 

Niagara Falls Community Development oversees the HOME Program, which makes housing rehabilitation and homeownership investments throughout the City of Niagara Falls. HOME's flexibility empowers people to tailor the progam to fit their needs. CD’s HOME Program includes the following:

Residential Housing Rehabilitation Program
Deferred Loan Program – Owner Occupied (One to Four Family Properties)
Rental Rehabilitation Program
Lead Based Paint Safe Work Practices Training

​​Income restrictions do apply. Please email or call 716-286-8801 for further information.

Closing Cost Assistance Program: A grant of up to $2,500 is available to first time homebuyers. Perspective buyers must agree to retain the home purchased as their primary residence and participate in homebuyer education classes. Income restrictions do apply.
​Please email or call 716-286-8801 for further information.